Picking The Right Hair Salon

Finding the right hair stylist for you is no easy task.  Let’s face it a lot of the really cool hip places also suffer from hipsteridus.  That means they have an attitude and not only do they think they are too cool for school but they are also rude.  And with those attributes why would they care if they provided a quality service to you.  Maybe if your one of the cool kids and you have thousands of Instagram followers you have something to offer them.  But as the average Jane who is someone who works 9 to 5 and lives a busy life you just need continence without the drama. We all want to look our best so we wanted to find some tips.  We talked to our friends in Tempe Arizona at our favorite beauty salon, Salon Tempe.

1) Ask around talk to not only your friends but people you know.

2) Check these people on review sites such as yelp, google and Facebook.

3) Check social media sites (Instagram and Pinterest is great to see images of their work – the best way to know if they can do what you want)

4) Do a search for a salon suite or what they call a Beauty Mall close to you.  These places have usually 3 dozen plus professionals working under one roof.  You might even want to walk through it and ask around.  Other professionals are going to know a few stylists and be able to offer recommendations from a place of knowledge.  Then check the reviews and social media. If you don’t want a more personalized private studio option the next suggestion is going to be a good option.

5) Check online scheduling sites which also usually have reviews.  Vagaroo is particularly a good place for salon reviews.  But also Schedulicity and StyleSeat

Just know that the internet is your friend especially when it comes to finding a hair stylist.  Any experienced professional will have an online reputation that you can use to research to see if they are right for you.