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With regard to external beauty, one of the most common problems of people is the presence of double-chin. In most cases, double-chins are hereditary, which means that this feature runs in the family. Meanwhile, in other situations, individuals just eventually develop this anatomical feature as a result of various factors.

Some people find having a double-chin problematic especially when they have to try hard to appear thinner in pictures or when they do their makeup.

Even celebrities sometimes feel insecurity because of their double-chins. For instance, Chloe Grace Moretz once thought of undergoing surgery to remove her double-chin. However, her mother did not agree with her and just advised her to appreciate such feature and use it to her advantage.

Still, other people greatly contemplate about having their double-chins removed for the long-term. However, when they consult their doctors, people will realize that removing double-chins does not necessitate surgery. Fats in armpits, the belly, or chin can be removed by blasting or freezing. Though such treatments can be used to remove double chins, some doctors offer injections for removal of fat cells on the chin.

Except for obese individuals or those with loose skin on the chin, most people may undergo injection treatment to get rid of their double-chins. In addition, injection treatments require low downtime recovery, allowing people to resume to their normal duties after the procedure.

During the procedure, patients will feel very little pain, and the process does not last for more than 15 minutes. Afterward, the components of the injection and body system will work on destroying unwanted fat cells on the chin; the produced waste or destroyed fat cells will then be excreted from the body via the urine.

However, prior any injection is delicate planning to ensure the wellbeing of the patient. Likewise, people should not expect to see full results immediately. They may need to undergo several injections before they can appreciate the changes on their chins.

Meanwhile, in other cases, swelling may occur after the injection. Injected patients may also feel uncomfortable while the chemical substances are doing their work on their skin.

Several weeks after injection, the first notable results will appear. However, with additional injections, the results may not be as intense or noticeable compared with the previous ones. Still, people will notice how the skin on their chins become more taut.

Some injectables result in more permanent effects; they kill fat cells and get rid of them permanently. However, when people gain weight, they may develop double-chin again when the remaining fat cells in their chin accumulate more fatty substances. Thus, people who received injection treatments for their double-chin should ensure that their bodies remain healthy and fit. Likewise, they would not want to expend more money for injections again as such treatments can be quite pricey.