Guys Use Laser Hair Removal Too

Normally, guys have no problem dealing with body hair. Shaving comes naturally as a routine, and they can just go to the barber for a haircut. However, some men are plagued by the seemingly short time needed by their hair follicles to reach full development. Moreover, in some cases, guys have excessively growing hair in some parts of their body.

Thus, some men also resort to various hair removal methods, such as shaving and waxing and using depilatory cream. Then, there’s the very popular laser hair removal treatment, which promises a quick and painless way of removing unwanted hair.

However, similar to women, men who schedule for laser hair removal treatment get surprised when they realize that laser hair removal only actually reduces hair. Still, significant improvements can be observed after several sessions. Thus, more men are also now resorting to laser hair removal treatment to address their problems in excess hair.

Guys should also realize that effectiveness of laser hair removal treatment depends on skin and hair color. People with fair skin and dark hair will benefit the most from such treatment. Meanwhile, this treatment may not work well with gray or white hair.

Laser hair removal treatment is almost painless, and patients may feel discomfort for several days after treatment. Patients may also be required to use sunscreens and other skin products to protect their skin.

Desired results from laser hair removal treatment can be used after several sessions. During treatments, hair in dormant phase may not respond to the laser, necessitating several sessions for completion of hair removal.

Currently, more developments are being made on laser treatment equipment. Some developed machines are aimed at treating larger areas, thus easing hair removal in other parts of the body.

Hair removal market is accommodating increasing number of men. Laser hair removal placed second to Botox as the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure.

Men who are interested in laser hair removal treatment should check various institutions that offer such services and consult their physicians before scheduling for a session. They should also be prepared for the fees, which can range from $315 to $715 depending on the target area.