Coolsculpting Video

We took a tricaster to live stream a demonstration of how cool sculpting in Scottsdale works. The production went flawlessly and we used more than one camera to get a few angels and the video switching on location was seamless.

If you are not familiar with cool sculpting the simplest was to explain it is that it melts fat away in minutes. A scientist noticed that his toddler who always had a Popsicle in his mouth had what looked like a permanent indentation on the fatty area of his lips. This gave him an idea. Could fat be melted away safely and effectively. After years of research they invested a machine that is not invasive that with a few 35minute sessions can simple melt fat away. It doesn’t work on everyone. You can’t melt off 100 pounds of belly fat but you can target stubborn areas that have some extra celluloid that you want gone.

Demonstration of Cool Sculpting in a Scottsdale Medspa

This is a prior video done at the location that shows the process to give you an idea how simple and easy it is. s month ago patient Hillary had the sides of her abdomens done. It’s only 4 weeks and she is happy with the results. It can take up to three months to see the full effects. Today she is getting the flab under her arms done.

It’s an FDA approved device which helps us freeze our fat. Fat tissue freezes before any other tissue in our body. Organs and skin are not affected by the procedure. It’s controlled cooling. Each application takes 35 minutes. Up to 20% to 25% of the fat volume can be frozen. Then the area is massaged out. The fat gets excreted through your lymphatic system which can take one to three months. The machine cools at a controlled temperature and is not unpleasant.